How to add a choc wafer cup to subscriptions

How to add a choc wafer cup to subscriptions

Want to add a choc wafer cup to your subscription? Here's how!

You can now add one chocolate wafer cup with a 40% discount to your monthly subscription (maximum one per subscription at this stage). 
This also means if you don't want to receive them, it's much easier to opt out!


Please follow these steps

Log into your account on

Go to your account dashboard and click on Edit Your Subscription button on the top right side of the page.

Then click on the Edit button.

Scroll down to the 'Recurring Treats' section and check the Choc Wafer Cup box. 

Click Save Changes at the bottom of the first section.

Once you've done that, you will receive a Choc Wafer Cup with your monthly subscription. To remove it, simply follow the same steps above and uncheck it.

If you are still a little confused, please watch the video above for a walkthrough. 


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