3 Reasons why we're the best gift to give this Christmas

3 Reasons why we're the best gift to give this Christmas

Christmas. Shopping. Do those two words make your toes curl? We’re there with you! If you wanna chill the cup out this silly season, here’s a sweet idea: brew up one of your finest UB pods, take five and tick everyone off your Chrissy list with us. Yeah: us! We break down the 3 reasons why we’re the best gift to give this Christmas. Or, skip to the end for our handy gift guide suggestions!



Now more than ever, it pays to shop local. Literally. When you buy your coffee and prezzies for your friends and fam from us, just know that you’re genuinely supporting an Aussie biz that’s still growing. We’ve got big dreams, but they’re nothing without you!

We also want to just quickly call out what yo’ get when you give us: you’re basically telling the gifter that you value eco pods, that you value quality coffee that's value-for-money, and you value your sanity!

Chances are most of us without coffee is a sight no one wants to see, so handing over Urban Brew to one of your crew is basically saying something like, “I knew exactly what to get you: something that’s good for the planet, that you’d actually use, and something that’ll drastically reduce your grumpy factor in the AM.”



We know this is pretty obvious, but you tell us who in your life doesn’t need coffee? Your best friend who’s late to their own catch-up with you? Your Mum, that's super practical, but you know who wants to be spoiled a little this Christmas? Or your cousin who’s got a bucket list longer than their list of things to binge on Netflix. Surely they need a round of coffee?

We offer up tasty coffee pods for Nespresso®, Caffitaly®, and K-fee® machines. Plus, if the lucky duck you’re getting a gift for loves the taste of Aussie roasted coffee, but also needs to get some shut-eye, then we have a decaf roast!

Are they not a fan of coffee? Well, the true answer there is they’re not a fan of coffee yet. But, until then, we also have hot choc pods, and they are DELISH!



Oh yeah! How’s that. When you get your goods from us, just know that we’re all about more than just great coffee. This means we wanna put a smile on the dial of the person receiving our coffee, but we also do things that aren’t just coffee, but coffee-related!

When you grab a stash of pods, you’ll then unlock our tantalising ‘Treats’ section. In here is a treasure chest of goods, from a descaler to blitz those built-up baddies in your coffee machine, Choc Cups, Choc Beans, candles, soap… the list goes on.

Add something on for yourself, or better yet, bag ‘em up in a bundle and enjoy a delicious little discount! Shopping and sipping insane coffee has never been easier.


You are welcome!


  • The serious caffeine addict = a Sample Pack in their machine of choice (includes a free Choc Cup with every Sample Pack!).
  • An easy Kris Kringle = our Caffeine Sidekicks Bundle.
  • For the kids = a stash of our finest Choc pods.
  • For Nan or Pop = a round of Decaf or our Intensity #10.
  • For the busy bee = our Happy Homemaker Bundle.
  • For the ultimate gift to say you care = our Ultimate Self-care Bundle.

For the best gift ‘round and coffee that you just can’t compare to, come shop with us this Chrissy. We’ll sort out your list and caffeinate you at the same time… you just can’t compete with that.


Checkout our FAQs, send me an email at hello@urbanbrew.co or call us on 1800 875 495. We are happy to help!

Be happy,

Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)

Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist